Week 9: Halloween

Holidays have a way of making everyone think about what’s going to happen next. Even Halloween.

Grief Group, Mtg. 7

Santiago isn’t the only one that’s angry, but he finds out that there’s a way to use that anger for good and make a difference.

Week 7: Let’s Talk

Things still aren’t resolved between Santiago and Caroline. In an effort to deal with the emptiness its causing, Santiago is trying the advice that Dr. Kuvaar gave him on Monday: using headphones.

Grief Group, Mtg. 6

Caroline is still upset about what happened at Taster’s Night, and Grief Group is the only place that she can corner Santiago into talking about it. Which is sneaky, but effective?

Week 6: Taster’s Night

Taster’s Night is here – and the night is nothing like what Santiago was hoping it would be.

Week 5: Baileys & Bros

Santiago just wants to have good pizza with good company, but that’s not how the cookie crumbles this time.

Week 4: Last Words

Santiago invites Caroline to hang out at the monthly showcase event, but they end up in the cafeteria instead.