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Dear Readers (& Parents/Guardians, & Non-adults),

My relationship with my blog is such a mess. I love having this place to put the writing I do for fun, but it is still my author blog. This is where I share the work I’ve done that I care about and believe reflects who I am as an author. Not to mention the fact that I have been doing this since 2015 and it shows how much I’ve grown as an author too. That’s a huge part of being a successful writer is honing your craft.

I started a project in January that was meant to span the full year, but I got a job with my local family magazine a month into the project and I struggled to manage my time. After five months I had to take a hiatus to let my brain reset. What was meant to be a one-month break turned into a two-month break quickly and I really felt myself become disconnected from my work here.

Then something amazing happened, and while I can’t talk about it in great detail, it’s a pretty big deal for me. That project started at the end of July and will the rest of the year, more or less, and will lead me into to Nanowrimo – which I won in 2017 and 2018. It is my hope to participate and win again this year because I’ve learned so much about myself and my writing abilities for the past two years. However, there’s a lot that’s up in the air because I’m so focused on this current project.

As such – I don’t know what this blog is ever going to be except a place where I write and share my life with you, the readers. That said, I want readers of this blog to be aware that the content on this blog varies in content ‘rating.’ Almost everything is what I would call ‘family friend’ writing, but there’s a good chunk of my writing that has swearing, that has suggestive content, or controversial ideas. I try to always state when a piece will have content that is sensitive or inappropriate content that is best viewed by an older reader. For example, almost all of my poetry is intended for readers aged 16+ due to the amount of swearing an

It is my aspiration to eventually have writing for readers of all ages. The dream is to write children’s books and middle-grade books and young adult books so that a reader can grow up with my writing and my stories so that we can be a family through those words.

We’ll see what happens, right?

Always yours,


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