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Dear Readers,

The structure of this blog has been described as “under construction” for a long, long time. Those days are almost behind us, as I’ve started planning out a year-long project that will deal with grief after the loss of a loved one. While I am still in the planning stages, my content should start rolling out in January 2019!

Perhaps the most difficult thing about being a mom and a wife with two jobs is finding the time to write, and I’ve always fallen back on that comfort of knowing that I have reasons why I can’t be consistent. But, honestly, I’m kind of sick of depriving my creativity of the life it deserves because I’m losing a part of myself every time I put something off. No. More.

This project that I’m working on is currently titled “Dinners with Caroline” and already has a page on my blog so that I can hype and tease the project until the official start date in January 2019. As it is planned right now, I want this to be a year long, or 52-week long, project. I have some wiggle room there since I may choose to participate in Nanowrimo 2019, which will require me to take a month hiatus from the project to write a third novel. Either way, I’m planning 52 weeks of content with this project where I post every Thursday and every other Tuesday.

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page. This page is really for any of my work – through most of my stuff will be “Dinners with Caroline” related. Sometime soon I’ll be launching my Patreon so that readers have the option to help support me financially in this venture. Many of my favorite things in this world use Patreon to fund their work (SciShow, Philip DeFranco, The McElroy’s, etc…) and everyone starts somewhere! Why not right here, right now, doing this?

The fear of failure is still lingering in the background, but more than that РI can barely contain my excitement to breathe life into this idea. This adventure that has no max capacity.

I can’t wait for you to join me for dinner.

Always yours,



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