A Poem about Poetry, Huh?

A Poem about Poetry, Huh? – This is one of many poems I wrote for a competition, and while I didn’t choose this one for the competition, I still like it. Enjoy my poetry about poetry 🙂

Bittersweet Enemies

Bittersweet Enemies ~ This poem explores that awkward place where two people are more like frenemies than either friends or enemies. Written for Napowrimo 🙂


Pity is a poem about a friendship that turned sour as the result of lying. Though this wasn’t written for an Escapril prompt, it is Napowrimo – so here’s another for the books 😉

Too, To Be

This is another poem coming from a place of very poor mental health.

How do I…?

This poem is something I put together when I was feeling especially suicidal and hopeless, borderline of an anxiety attack or emotional breakdown. It mentions triggering content like suicide and self-harm. Please exercise great caution and do not read it unless your emotional state is strong enough to do so without being triggered. How do…

A Prisoner’s Home

To you I say, “I’m taking a job that will makes us move far away,” And you said back, “I will come because my home is wherever you go,” But I saw that look on your face, I know that you wanted to say ‘no.’   But I’m addicted to how much you need me,…

~ I ~

I will not do, I will not be, and I will say, I cannot do, I cannot be, and I cannot say, I have never done, I have never been, and I have never said.   Three stages of reminders and assurance, You have learned from your observance, And you will never become what you…

A False Faith

In God she trusts; in God she prays, But in God she does not have faith.   In God she loves; In God she saves, But in God she also hates.   In God she lies; In God she sins, But in God she does not live.   So in God she judges and in…

Forgive & Forget

They say to me, “Forgive and forget,” as if that would be any help. I say to them, “Fuck off and farewell.” I am not unwilling to forgive, and I’m sure that I’ll never forget, But I’m just not sure that I’ve made it that far yet.

It’s Not Me.

It’s not me, it’s you. It’s everything thing you don’t do. It’s when you keep quiet and sit down. It’s when you fake a smile when you’d rather frown. It’s when you lie and pretend, and it’s when you think of others as a means to an end. But there’s more to life than dragging…