A Risk Worth Taking

Robert Barns is Mayor Santana’s personal assistant and has been for many years. When she doesn’t take action on a matter she would normally tackle – he takes matters into his own hands in a risky way.

The Right Obligations

Tonight we held our monthly open meeting for parents to express their concerns about the school system. Normally it’s just terrible because the parents ask selfish things of the board. Tonight? Well it was a nightmare for a completely different reason.

A Bold Move

Having never come home to a quiet house – it’s immediately apparent that something big has happened – and it’s going to affect everyone in the family.

Unlikely Advice from an Unlikely Friend

Cassie and Madira have been best friends sharing a dorm for two years. When Madira is faced with a difficult decision Cassie provides her with words of wisdom to help.

A Teenager’s Essay

Cassie Appleton was asked to write an essay about a “coming of age” moment – as all high schoolers do… This was her paper…

An Unwise Choice

A few months after Kevin & Julie open their marriage sexually, it seems one of his friends decides that ‘open’ is a frame of mind – not an agreement.

Time to Open Up

Julie and Kevin are happily married, except for one thing. It’s the obvious thing – the most obvious thing that can be wrong in any relationship.

But it’s not quite as simple as that…

A Good Day to Get Married

When Kelly’s sister Amelia abandons her own wedding … Kelly decides that today just might be a good day to get married anyway.

A Bad Day to Get Married…

What’s happening? My heart is racing… I can hear it beating in my ears… My blood is so cold beneath my skin… Is this a panic attack? Am I having a panic attack on my wedding day?

Trivial Concerns

Tonight at work I started thinking about this wedding, okay, and I suddenly remembered that my beautiful girlfriend will look absolutely stunning no matter what she wears.

And I’ll look very naked because I have nothing suitable to wear.