Forgive & Forget

They say to me, “Forgive and forget,”

as if that would be any help.

I say to them, “Fuck off and farewell.”

I am not unwilling to forgive, and I’m sure that I’ll never forget,

But I’m just not sure that I’ve made it that far yet.


Loathing Simplified

Sketching on my danger days is very charming,

and it covers up that fact that I’m self-harming.

It personifies that Pain I feel in a way they can see.

Of course, the black and white doodles don’t help me.

Especially when there are secrets beneath my sleeves,

especially when there are lies between each heave –

of sorrow, of cheer, of exhaustion, and of fear –

hidden in those lost breaths are scars unhealed.

I do all I can to keep your stories straight,

so that you only see the self-love costuming my self-hate.