Hit & Miss

The best of friends they were, the best of friends they are;

But things are never are as they seem – and they often sit quietly in their cars…

Stealing glances across a parking lot.

Is tonight the night to steal a kiss?

Is tonight the night to reveal the truth?

Things with them are hit and miss,

But neither of them has a clue.


I Love Things About You

I love things about you that I could never understand.

I love things about you that I could never bare to have;

And I love things about you that I know could never last.

Real Trouble

The trouble with her is that she smiles in a way that is somehow sadder than a frown.

Inside of her eyes is certain sorrow that I’m sure can’t be turned around;

Except – except when she looks at me and then very quickly away –

I swear I see her falling in love with me slowly each and every day.

I never would have seen it coming if it weren’t for the fact that I was waiting.

Or, as my friends would sooner say… I was hoping.

It may not have been for her and it may not have been right now.

But when I see her big, bright eyes – well, wow – I know I can’t get out of this tangled mess.

I will soon love her with every fiber of my being that I have left.

Of course, there won’t be an ounce of regret.


The trouble with him is that he smiles like a man with nothing to lose.

He does everything with his entire self and his excitement is so fresh and new.

Except – except that sometimes when you catch him looking out the window – vacant in every imaginable way.

Sometimes catch him off guard and there’s nothing that he can ever say;

Nothing that he could ever do to hide the truth.

Somewhere deep inside he hurts as much as I do.

Maybe that is why I can’t get him out of my mind and why he haunts me in my sleep.

I thought I was stepping onto solid ground, but I’ve sunken far too deep.

I can’t pretend when I look at him my heart isn’t lighter.

Or that at some point he’ll ask me to speak honestly about what I think – what I feel.

And I swear he’ll make me a proper liar.

I’d sooner pretend that I didn’t know what love is than to admit…

Perhaps I’d know what love is if I were with him.


The trouble with them is that they always danced around each other.

He would try to dance away, but she would always dance closer.

And it would seem that if she ever stood down then he would step up.

It continued like this for far too long – but never once did they confess their love.

So with baited breaths and stolen glances –

Everyone around them watched as they passed up every chance –

Opportunities for them to reveal their not-so-secret secrets – and enjoy proper romance…


Maybe the real trouble is that the timing never seemed right.

He never knew how to approach her,

And she always insisted there’d be a better night.

In the end they loved each other quietly with bottled up remorse.

Wondering in the backs of their minds; “Could we have had more?”