Week 16: News

“Guess what!” she shrieks from her side of the phone. It’s not the shrill sort of voice that insinuates panic or concern. No, this tone is one of joy and thrill. Santiago can’t resist the smile tugging at his lips.

Week 15: Time for a Change

Casper walks over to where he is and mimics Santiago’s stance, facing him dead on, which is unexpected. He seems to be assessing Santiago, in a way, and he can’t figure out exactly what Casper might be trying to see in him. “Can I help you with a question?” he offers.

Week 14: It’s Just a Name

Week 14: It’s Just a Name ~ Now facing his own mental crisis, Santiago must seek the advice of his girlfriend when his psychiatrist urges him not to make a snap decision.

Week 13: Feeling Low

Santiago has to make a stop at his house while he’s got Caroline with him. It should’ve been an easy stop, in and out, but that’s not exactly how it ends up going.

Grief Group Update (An Email)

Dr. Kuvaar sent an email to all of her patients reminding them of a temporary change to the schedule for their Grief Group.

Grief Group, Mtg. 11

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and the group is small – but that doesn’t mean that there’s less to talk about.

Grief Group, Mtg. 10

Things get tense as group members leave, other group members argue, and even Dr. Kuvaar gets frustrated.

Week 10: The Little Things

In this week’s super short update, Santiago realizes that the little things we often overlook are the things we love the most about them.