Tell Me

A poem about the narrator asking someone to be honest about his/her/zir feelings.

Because honesty is always the best policy!

Real Trouble

A guy and a girl fall in love with each other. But do they ever fall in love together.

Save Me (A Mini Poem)

“Save me,” he begged, “from loving you.” But he didn’t realize yet, That loving her was the best thing that he’d ever do.


The narrator is staring at the blanket of snow, questioning the relationships that he/she/ze has in life.

Cherry Cream Soda

Disclaimer:   Normally I wouldn’t post something “fanfiction” -eque on my blog, but I couldn’t resist this poem. I wrote it after watching Adventure Time’s newest episodes starring Cherry Cream Soda, Root Beer Guy, and Starchy. So without any further adieu, I bring to you – unnecessary rhyming and a story about Adventure Time. Falling…

WE – A poem

Look at me, looking at you, Looking at him, wondering what to do. Ask him, ignore him, or pretend; That he doesn’t exist or that it feels like the end; An end before it began, and beginning with no catalyst. Liking him is like an Indie film. Slow moving, and longer than a blip of…

Maybe It’s Time

Deacon’s daughter wishes for a mommy to love him for her birthday.