Excalibur Returns (An Original Short)

This flash fiction contest entry may not have placed in the contest, but it holds a special place in my heart. I had to break down some imaginary walls in my mind to adapt this Arthurian legend into an original fiction piece.

“Time seems to stop so that my punishment may hold the attention of the entire universe.”

A Teenager’s Essay

Cassie Appleton was asked to write an essay about a “coming of age” moment – as all high schoolers do… This was her paper…

The Darker Side of Politics

A short fiction piece that controversially presents the unspoken side of politics where morals are just a roadblock in the voting system.

*This is extremely controversial, and may be a trigger for some readers.*

In All Fairness

Henley Bridget’s daughter confronts him about his “Top 10 Influential Women of the Decade” film. It is exactly what he’s expecting, no less.