I was recently asked “What’s you’re life plan?” Unable to get that question out of my mind, I’ve decided to explore very frankly what that question brings to surface for me.

What are you reading?

~ ..,,;;::= THIS POST REQUIRES PARTICIPATION =::;;,,.. ~ I was just on Facebook, scrolling through my feed after having a mental breakdown about copyediting services and prices. Participating (and winning!) NaNoWriMo 2017 has essentially fried my brain in the absolute best way possible. One of those posts asking “what are you currently reading” popped up…

Maybe It’s Me?

A post in which I talk about being a pretty terrible blogger, but that I still want to try sometimes.

Boy Does Time Fly… Like, Too Fast

A post in which I kind of whine (again) about failing at this blog and hope to eventually do more with it because that was the whole point of creating it.

An Update on How Being Grown Up Really Sucks

Dear Readers: When will I stop apologizing for being so irregular in my posting? Or maybe the better question is when will I stop being irregular in my posting in the first place? Being a grown up sucks. It means being smart, cautious, and – ugh –¬†responsible!¬†Writing is something I want to make a career…

Possible Schedule Changes

Dear Readers, Hey, so when I started this blog in July I wasn’t working. My plans were always to return to work in October, because I only made financial arrangements for a six month hiatus to focus on writing. As with all things in life, I need to think about my family and my obligations…