Dear Readers,

The structure of this blog is best described as “under construction.”

My original plan must be completely reconsidered in light of my present reality. As we all know, life changes. This truth in mind, I feel my blog must change with it. My work has to reflect who I am, where I am, and what I am doing. The original structure could no longer do that for me. If I can’t maintain my schedule then I cannot provide to you as a reader, either, which is only discouraging to all of us.

So there is no plan. At all. It pains me to even admit it aloud, let alone immortalize it in text on the Internet. Until I do have a plan, I’ll post anything and everything that comes to mind. Everything will be tagged an categorized to make browsing and reading easier. Once I have a more concrete idea of what I’m doing, I’ll update this page so that you know when you visit.

I appreciate your loyalty and your patience beyond what I can express. Whether it helps or hurts me to be honest, I only ever strive to be truthful. Please continue to enjoy my work as I enjoy your support. Feel free to leave any kind of feedback when you can spare the time.

Remember to smile today, too.




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