Technical Difficulties

Dear Readers,

For any aspiring author, an online presence is necessary in order to gain a following. A lot of agents assess your marketability based on your self-promotion. Aside from that, having yourself on the world wide web is a great way to get your work to as many people as possible. Even as a small blog with traffic of maybe 100-200 a week, this is still an important part of making myself known.

Today, through inattention, I accidentally removed several venues for my work. I’m presently trying to figure out the easiest way to restore these connections but the timeline is indefinite to say the least. For this week I am not posting a weekly story as the result. I like to consider myself resilient, so regardless of where I am next week – I won’t delay long. There will be a weekly story next week.

Mostly, I am distraught right now. These venues for my work have been a part of me for six years and to have lost them out of my own error is painful. For now I’ll start planning ahead for the blog and work on some other pieces I’ve been throwing together for contests.

I’m sorry that I have failed you in this respect. Many of my readers are regulars that like the work that I do each and every week, and to you I wish to give you nothing but gratitude for your support. You have been an integral part of my growth as an author. I hope that you will stick around to see me into what will inevitably be a flourishing career. Authors are oftentimes nothing without their readers. Please keep an eye out for the stories that will pop in next week – and in the meantime, keep making the world a better place!


Alixx Black

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