There’s Still Time!

Dear Readers,

I know that my posts have been sparse this month, doing just the bare minimal posting, but such is the life of a married parent working. I had lots of exciting things happening this month and I got swept up in it all. Alas! Time does not pause simply because we are busy with life things.

We are getting ever closer to the distribution of Screamin Mamas’ literary magazine – which will feature my first publication! This is a huge step for any aspiring author, such as myself, and I can’t stop talking about it to anyone that will listen to me! As a mother, as a wife, and as a writer – I’m truly proud of this story- “Best Parts of Our Life.” It reflects the struggles of being a married woman with multiple children who works. The family dynamic is a hard one to master in writing – and I simply hope that I’ve done it justice.

You can show your support for me and the fantastic community that Screamin Mamas creates by purchasing a single magazine (New Year’s / Valentine’s Day Edition) or a subscription at the length of your choice. Check out the shop here! The singular edition is only $9.95. 

Your readership is always appreciated. As things in my life begin another round of a huge changes, I am glad to know that I will still have this blog. Writing is my greatest passion in life and I can’t imagine who I would be without it. Thanks for always being here, reading my stuff and checking out my periodic updates.

You are amazing ❤




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