Fantastic News.

Dear Readers,

No – it’s not anything major like a publishing deal or anything like that. Although, I am getting a short story published. Read this post for that information.¬†This post is just to let you know what to expect.

Things are finally slowing down at work – which is bittersweet. However, that means I can post more often – although not necessary on a set schedule perfectly being that my schedule is different every single week. Wednesday Posts will not change, of course.

That all being more or less a review of how things currently run – I just wanted to announce that I’ve drafted an opinion article! I know some of you really loved what I’ve done for opinion articles in the past so I want you to get excited.

A teaser for you on the topic: friend.

I have a lot emotion and thought vested in this particular topic. I’ve been sitting on the idea and the outline for several weeks now. I’ll be posting it within the week, though, so I want you to keep an eye out. Once it’s edited I’ll put it up for your viewing pleasure, I promise!

Thanks again to everyone for reading my work. It means more to me than anything. Here’s to a happy year of posting 2016! My best to you, and I’ll see you around.




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