My First Published Work!

*** (1/1/16) The link for the subscription purchases has been updated! They actually offer 3 month subscriptions (which is probably more affordable to all my fellow aspiring authors). Just wanted you to know!

Dear Readers – New & Old:

I had shared a post some time ago when it was announced that I won my first writing contest. To be clear, it wasn’t the first writing contest I had entered but rather the first that I had won. Hopefully when I start entering more I will win more – or place more. Don’t want to be too cocky, am I right?!

I just wanted to remind you that if you want to get a copy of my story to keep – you can subscribe to the Screamin’ Mamas literary magazine (digitally or in print). They offer 6 month and 12 month subscriptions – plus the digital subscription option. And on 1/1/16 I received an e-mail that informed me that 3 month subscriptions are available too! I know that holidays have just come and gone – money is probably tight – but it would mean a lot to me personally.

Also, there are tons of mothers out there writing and benefiting from the careers that Screamin’ Mamas helps start. Even though there are still people that don’t know my name – I know that being a part of Screamin’ Mamas is helping me grow as an author and build my platform. This is just such a great writing community. Being involved and associated with them is such an honor – and a comfort!

My story – “Best Parts of our Life” – won’t be published until the Valentine’s Day issue. You have some time to make your purchase. However, early reminders never hurt! Especially for Moms!

Thanks for your readership. Quiet as you are – I love you just the same. Your support means everything to me. I write not just for me but for you – because everyone deserves an escape from the everyday hustle’n’ bustle.


Alixx Black


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