Time to Catch Up, I think

Hey Readers!

Firstly, to all of my subscribers and regulars – thank you so very much for taking time to read what I do and then also like the post! Such a small gesture as it seems, it all means the world to me.

Secondly, for those of you patiently awaiting my meatier content – soon! So very, very soon! I finally updated my home page to reflect the haphazard life I’m living and the way my blog should run in the future. I’m aiming to be back on track next week. My schedule should be more than adequate to have at least two new posts (Writing the World Wednesday and a Flash Fiction piece – to be most specific).

And lastly… Well, there’s not lastly is there? I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ and let you know I’m working on getting myself on track. It’s a game of ‘catch up’ this week but I’ll be all in order next week I’m hoping. A lot of the “uninspired” mind set has melted away and I think I’m ready.

Here’s to new, lengthier work for the holiday season! Fingers crossed, right?



Alixx Black

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