General Update on the Hiatus.

Dear Readers & New Followers <3<3

I’ve been on hiatus for several weeks now and I’ve been avoiding an update post for many reasons. Most of them are just stupid reasons to put off addressing the very real fact that I’ve been investing myself in everything except writing for my blog. It may not seem that way when I’m posting several poems over the course of seven to ten days, but I’m not adhering to the schedule I set out for myself when I began this venture back in July.

As such, I think I may have to change my front page to completely eliminate a schedule at all. Honesty is something that I value as a person and as a writer. So, with honesty in mind, I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to get back to the right schedule. I know I’ll be going back to Writing the World Wednesday for December – because too much time has lapsed! Writing the World Wednesday was my favorite part of this blog because it had the most thought put into what I was trying to convey and accomplish as well as the overall planning and movement. I can’t wait to get back to it.

But as for Flash Fiction stories – those happen when there’s time. As it stands – with me being a retail manager now – who knows with the holidays when I’ll have the time or even the energy to properly write a short fiction piece? I don’t. That’s how I landed myself in this hiatus in the first place! Poems are much more manageable right now. Also, I’m just more inspired for poetry in the winter season. You see more of a person’s inner thoughts because it’s hard to hide when you’re surrounded by piles of white snow. And I will eventually be surrounded by snow because I live in Indiana and that’s the kind of stuff that happens here.

So I will be thinking about a revised front page over the next week or two to accurately reflect what I’m capable of doing at this time. I want a career in writing and understand the value of a regular blog with content – so I’m not abandoning my post – (isn’t that a punny joke)! I will be doing something on the blog always because I can’t get out there if I’m not putting my content out there.

And as long as I’m writing something – I am building my repertoire!

To wrap all of this up – I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and likes my posts. I am glad that you are finding value in the things that I write. These words are all special to me in the order I’ve presented them and for you to enjoy them is an honor. I hope to continue pleasing you with my eclectic posting style for the time being, and maybe someday you’ll own published work of mine!

Also, a very specific thanks to Screamin’ Mamas for really helping me get exposed. I cannot wait for the Valentine’s Edition with my work to arrive! It will be oh-so-nice to have something of mine actually published! It is just a tiny step, but it is certainly in the right direction.

Have a lovely night, day, week, month, year, decade, or century. I love having you here reading my work. There’s never a dull moment in the life of a writer.




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