Naughty People (A Naughty Poem)

I want you to kiss me as though you’ve never breathed air like this before;

And I want you to slam your body against me after nervously shutting the front door.

I need your fingers holding me in place so that I don’t run away from something I want more than I can say;

And I need you to need me in the worst way.

I want us to break the rules and pretend for a moment that the world doesn’t exist;

I want you to tell me to forget the way they’ll look at us and get lost in the kiss;

Get lost in the sex, get lost in the love; get lost in everything we can’t get enough of;

And most importantly, touch each other as if we don’t give a fuck.

We’re just naughty people with naughty memories;

With naughty words for naughty stories.

Maybe tomorrow when we wake up we’ll reap what we sow;

Maybe tomorrow when we wake up and nobody knows;

Maybe tomorrow nothing changes and we’re no better off;

Hell, maybe tomorrow the sun never comes up.

But I know that I don’t care about the consequences today, so I won’t care tomorrow.

To hell with what we’ve reaped, to hell with what we’ve sewn.

These dirty secrets are the ones I love to own;

And I know you’re glad to have taken me home.


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