Alphabet Sentences

Author’s Note: I was trying to get back into a flow of deep thought after the previous post, and I decided to do a writing exercise. This is my “meta” poetry – it’s trying to be poetry anyway. They are my alphabet sentences, and I think they might change your life. Or maybe not, but you could still read them anyway because it takes 3 minutes tops.

A collection of sentences that make no sense will follow.

Before you read them, understand that I have no purpose in doing this.

Carefully, I will write sentences that have no value whatsoever.

Don’t even bother trying to figure out the meaning behind any of these words.

Even the best writers must write simply to write.

Forget their meanings; just get the words onto the damn screen.

Getting out of the house is nice.

Home is where the heart is…

I don’t always give a fuck about where my heart is, though.

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it rules me.

Krabby Patty is the only ‘K’ word I could think of because it’s almost midnight.

Love is weird; not just a little either – weird is actually an understatement.

Madness bleeds darker than hatred.

Nobody wants to be forgotten – or eaten.

Ophelia was pretty cool – remember her?

Please don’t hold me to the previous statement, because I don’t remember Ophelia at all.

Quails are supposed to be pretty delicious.

Run you clever boy – should that be in quotations, considering its from Doctor Who?

Someday I will ask myself the important questions, but I’ll die before then I think.

To most people I am really macabre – but I think that’s – not a bad thing.

Underneath all of this awkward exterior is actually even more awkward – beware.

Vixen status has been achieved.

Why don’t you just kiss the girl; because you should probably ask first – it is polite.

Xenophobia is totally UNACCEPTABLE!

You hate me now because this isn’t a poem – you can just suck it.

Zippers are cool contraptions.


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