WE – A poem

Look at me, looking at you,

Looking at him, wondering what to do.

Ask him, ignore him, or pretend;

That he doesn’t exist or that it feels like the end;

An end before it began, and beginning with no catalyst.

Liking him is like an Indie film.

Slow moving, and longer than a blip of time lost from your life.

But if you asked me, I would weigh the options if I am better than him for you.

Maybe liking you is an Indie film for me too.

It won’t matter because he’s the one that you want, and I’m a man of my word.

So you’ll chase after him and I’ll stay with my girl.

Just know that it won’t change our electrifying stolen glances;

Or the way we light fires under each other’s asses;

Or the way we laugh at the same crude jokes;

Or even the way know better than most.

Life comes and life goes, as do opportunities for more.

But we are the type to cherish the nervous feeling and never know.

So look at me looking at you, looking at him and forgetting me.

It’s okay since there’s no way there’d ever be a “we.”


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