Don’t Fall Asleep with a Book

Today I didn’t look for any inspiration, but rather just started writing. However, I did have a particular prompt in mind – you can check it out here on my Tumblr blog.

Inspiration: Character A falls asleep on top of his/her reading material and has a crazy dream about whatever is on the page.

Loud noises cause me to stir from my slumber. Literally one of my least favorite things is being yanked from a good nights’ sleep. Cutting my rest short is just shy of being a crime. I don’t want to get on the bus to go to school – no, I just want to crawl back into bed. Besides, I could stay home and read my favorite books and learn more than sitting a desk being told how important geometry is in life.

I want to be a fucking librarian. Why the fuck is geometry important to me? Physics, yeah I get that one a little bit. I gotta understand what is going to happen if I stack a thousand books together, but I can calculate that using algebra. Geometry – completely useless to me.

The light is bright, so I guess that someone has come in my room and pulled back the curtains. Classic parents-waking-kid move. I cover my eyes with my arm and reach around to get my cellphone. As I swing myself about looking for my side table, though, I realize that it’s not there. Did I flip sides of the bed?

With some effort, I’m able to crack my eyes open and look into the sunshine. Of course, I was expecting to see my bedroom. A bright sure light that can be hidden from in the corners of my room – perhaps even my closet. I fell asleep in there once, actually, and my mother was not impressed. Anyway, that’s not what I see when I start adjusting to the brightness.

You know, the brightness of being outside!

Yeah, so I guess I’m hallucinating, because right now I’m standing in the middle of a medieval village. There are homes everywhere wit stone walls and splintered doors. The paths are also made of stone, and stalls are everywhere with sheepskin canopies and rotting wood posts. Did someone play a prank on me?

Did someone take me to some sort of convention and drop me – just to see what I’d do and how I’d react? What even is this? At least I’m in my pajamas. Regardless, I don’t think anyone in the streets plans on telling me the truth. That’s the problem with LARPing – the players will never break character. It would have to be a very serious event for someone to forget about the game. My brother LARPs and he’s a mega-doofus about it. It makes him happy, which is cool, but I have convention weeks because he takes to perfecting his role. My folks wants him to move out of the basement.

So I just travel along the road until I reach what looks like it is the outer city edge. There are guards and they eyeball me as I walk right out of town. I was expecting – like – roads. There had to be a parking lot or something around here. Nobody walked all the way out here with their LARPing gear and their “tech pack” for when they take a “siesta” from their lives.

But hell no – there’s no parking lot anywhere. In fact, there’s actually a forest and a river. Oh, and there’s a ton of horse crap just off the path. It smells horrendous.

“Where the fuck am I?” I groan. Someone was very conveniently passing me. He has this unnaturally golden hair and these huge ass blue eyes that look faker than painted on blue dots. Next to him is a little man – probably some manservant LARPer or something. He’s much older with gray strains of hair taking over his brunette locks.

“This is Camelot. Have you been to the tavern?” The manservant sniffs the air. Horrified by how serious the LARPing is – I just keep walking because this is not Camelot. No, this is just a freaking joke is what it is – a joke. A terrible joke.

Really, it’s terrible. Who just kidnaps people and drops them in the middle of a LARPing convention?

Probably my brother.

It’s probably my brother – he always does this kind of shit.

As the blonde dude and the old fellow start walking away – I accidentally on purpose listen to them as they go – maybe they’ll break character to complain about what a weirdo I am for not participating the the LARP. Unfortunately, the only thing that I can hear is: “Do reckon we should let him wander the forest by himself? He seems kind of off.”

Yeah, I’m off alright. They’re dressed in whatever garb fits their roles and I‘m kind of off.

Author’s Note: This idea could be an entire book by itself – an entire series even – but I wasted it’s potential on a flash fiction entry. Maybe someday I’ll do something more with it but for now – this is just a snap shot. Hopefully you enjoyed it!


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