Possible Schedule Changes

Dear Readers,

Hey, so when I started this blog in July I wasn’t working. My plans were always to return to work in October, because I only made financial arrangements for a six month hiatus to focus on writing. As with all things in life, I need to think about my family and my obligations to them financially. As such, I will be returning to work on a part-time basis within 7-10 days. I do already have a position that I’ve accepted.

I am going to do all I can to avoid changing my schedule. You may have noticed that last week my posts have been coming at odd hours, or even last, or even not at all. My Opinion Monday is the most time consuming part of running this blog and I did not post according to the schedule last week. The article that I was doing and the idea I had chosen were subpar quality and I decided it was more appropriate to skip and post a week late. I’m glad I did because the article I did post was much better, and you can read it here.

For sure, I’m going to change the schedule for My Opinion Monday. Right now I’m thinking I want to do the last Monday of every month and only post once am month instead of biweekly. I usually log 10-15 hours working on the article just writing and editing. Typically I do 2-5 additional hours of research and outlining prior to that, which seems like an unnecessary amount of work to someone outside – but article writing takes a long time when you want to write a quality piece. When I decide what Monday of the month I want to post I will be sure to update the home page to reflect that change.

As for Writing the World and Flash Fiction – those schedules shouldn’t change. Those aren’t nearly as time consuming because 1) the pieces are shorter, 2) I usually write and edit the day before posting, and 3) I could easily work on these on my days off and queue the work for posting according the set schedule. It wouldn’t be that difficult to work around things to make those remain consistent. A big part of maintaining an author blog is regular posting, so I don’t want to compromise too much of what I’ve been working on for almost three months.

If anyone has any concerns, ideas, or suggestions – you’re always welcome to leave suggestions in the comments. For now I’ve got something manageable and I just want to make sure that there’s new content coming to you at least twice a week! I want to thank you for your readership and I hope that you stick with me through whatever changes the blog goes through in the coming weeks!




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